Remote Programming

Remote programming is the new frontier of troubleshooting issues in the automotive field. Thanks to the internet and advanced interfaces, anybody can be connected to an experienced expert with the right devices able to solve an issue at a fair price.

Remote programming may be done in two ways:
- Using the diagnostic devices of the the shop who is working on the car: this limits the fixes to what the device can do, but more often than not is enough to do most of the work;
- Using a device like Launch's Smartlink, that acts as a processor that lets a master device in the hands of the remote operator work with the car present in a shop thousands of km away from him. Thanks to Smartlink and similar devices, a shop owner does not need to own expensive diagnostic devices, because My Supercar Expert allows him to temporarily use our own to get his job done, all while our own technicians command the device. However, in cases of bad internet connectivity, this technology is not yet stable enough.

Here is the pricelist of our Remote Programming services for the most common European Premium brands:

Other special functions are available for certain brands:
- Upgrade the cluster to AMG version available for Mercedes! Price: 60-80 USD
- Erase 8HP transmission control unit available on BMW! Price: 60-80 USD

*Available only in certain areas: contact us for details

For supercars, due to their complexity, you'll have reach us out and we will customize the offer based on your needs.
Feel free to contact us for more info!