About Us

In order to better help global supercar and European premium car repairing peers communicate and share precious technical information with each other, in 2022 we established the brand My Supercar Expert in Hong Kong, China, the most active port city in Asia.

We are committed to help more colleagues around the world finding better ways to repair European supercars and premium cars.
We encompass the Chinese spirit of studying hard as well as the Italian rigorous quality assurance.
Thanks to the size of the automotive market in China, we have the chance to work on the most recent issues in the automotive field before anybody else.
We are not afraid of difficulties, and our mission is to solve all the problems you may meet in future so we can guide you later.

My Supercar Expert is not just a shop where you can find valuable information on the spare parts you need and on the work you'll have to do to install them afterwards: we create a community sense with all our customers, cooperators and partners so that the problem solving skills and experience can be shared all around the world.
While indeed our industry needs healthy competition, we also need to stand up  together to maintain the right to repair we and our customers have.
We are stronger together!

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What we offer

Clear and up to date information about our inventory and pricing, and our many years of experience repairing supercars and european premium cars to ensure you get a proper fit.

Training courses and technical help in troubleshooting issues combined with remote assistance.

Innovative solution to upgrade or modify your vehicle to enhance the driving experience of the car owners.

Who we are

Our company started with a group of experienced professionals from all the world especially focused on electronics and software.

Founders and owners:

Mr. Wei Hailin, CEO of Guangzhou Chuanglin Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd, pioneer in the electronic repair of premium cars in China with more than 20 years of intense efforts prior to the establishment of the company.

Mr. Marco Trupiano, former R&D product manager of MAGICMOTORSPORT, a famous Italian equipment manufacturer

We have a network of sellers and experts which can provide cost-efficient used original parts as well as aftermarket parts, as well as other solutions to repair or add new functionalities to european premum vehicles and supercars.

The entirety of the team has been in automotive for most of their careers.
If you are looking for an expert and reliable supplier, try us!