File Service

Our tuning team WETUNE has gathered experience for years and keeps developing solutions for powertrain controllers such as Engine Control Units (ECU) and Transmission Control Units (TCU).
We also keep up with other solutions being developed by the market and test them as thoroughly as possible with our partners.

Furthermore, we are specialized in testing and improving existing solutions for specific climates and conditions.

While the historical center of file R&D for European cars has clearly always been Europe, that does not necessarily mean an European tune is always the best for your vehicle.
For example, South Asia and South East Asia's particularly humid and hot temperatures require completely different approach to (safely) tuning vehicles, and many other factors can vary even from region to region, including fuel quality.

Because of the nature of the job, a professional tuner is always shaped by the experience gathered over many years of work, and many years working on completely different conditions make it harder to deliver appropriate results.
For this reason, it is always best to go to a tuner who develops solution in an environment similar to the one where your car is.

Our team develops tuning files both on our own rolling road dynamometer as well as with the help of partner's professional dynos around China and South East Asia.

But this is not all we do: we also help people solving issues by restoring damaged files and offer our original file database to restore a badly tuned vehicle! Another thing we offer completely free of charge is to read the ISN from your ECU readout - a very important information if you plan to change the control unit in the car without original readout or make keys on BMW/Mini/Rolls Royce CAS vehicles.

Please remember our file service team is not able to know which local emissions and other automotive related laws apply in your region or country and for which kind of use the vehicle is being modified.
Make sure the car owner and driver are informed of the legal implications of the changes in emissions after a ECU modification or their car immobilizer state after an IMMO service!

Here is the pricelist of our tuning File Services (applies to Engine Control Units unless specified otherwise):