Why Used Supercar Parts

Refitting a used car part is certainly more risky than fitting a new one from the manufacturer. When dealing with a supercar, you certainly want to be as safe as possible.

A used part may not work or it may need some effort such as recoding or adapting it to the car, and probably will not last as long as a new one.

Then, why and when should you refit a used supercar part instead of getting a new one?

Cost: the price of a new part from the manufacturer is always going to be more expensive than a used part, and by a large margin. This leaves small margin to the mechatronic who is going to install it, because the cost for the car owner is already high. The person who does most of the work has the lowest margin as well as full responsibility for the results;
Time: in many cases a new part will require a waiting time that is far longer than the customer can accept, especially if the customer needs the car to be available as soon as possible;
Green impact: a used part refitted to a vehicle means that no new parts will be produced, so the environmental impact of this repair will be zero. This especially applies to electronics where production has a high ecological impact. Furthermore, the used part won't have to be scraped for raw materials, which is a costly process;
Availability: some parts are already out of production and you simply cannot get a new one, no matter the price you are willing to pay. In this case, a used part or an aftermarket replacement are the only options available;

Basically, by choosing to reuse car parts, you are:
Protecting the environment
Providing a faster and better service to your customer
Increasing your margins with lower costs for your customer

Since people started to refit car parts, the issue has always been knowing how to recognize a valuable part, finding the right part at a decent price, and knowing how to install it. As vehicles got more and more complex, electronics and software knowledge became mandatory for the modern car repairer.

Our solution is simple: we ship already tested parts, explaining in detail the condition of each part and telling you in advance what device we advice you to use to program the part. If you do not have the right tools or competences to adapt the spare part you wish to purchase, we offer as an extra our remote assistance service - we will deal with your problems for you!

Why should you trust us?

Because that's what we have been doing every day for many years: helping businesses fix supercars when they don't know what to do: solving unsolvable problems for other businesses is what we always take pride in doing.
We have experience in the most rare issues and the most rare vehicles.