HW Repair Service

It can happen that you are not familiar enough with something to attempt the repair yourself. In those cases there is nothing wrong with asking somebody else for help, especially if we talk about a supercar - where repairing spare parts can save your customer a lot of money and time.
My Supercar Expert's hardware repair service can help you with that.
Ship your items to our laboratory in Guangzhou, China, and our team can take care of the job in a couple of days in average.

Why letting us take care of your customer's parts?
First, we are specialized in repairing and testing supercar parts in volume. This means we are far more likely to have met your issue than most supercar specialists. At the same time we have a lot of experience in general automotive electronic repair, which means we can trace an issue never seen before to the source thanks to our team's expertise.

Besides doing repair jobs at hardware level, our team can also do other services which require items to be in our lab: for example virginizing EME modules for BMW, pairing keys on all models of Ferrari and McLaren, as well as recovering Bentley or Ferrari head units which are stuck with a black screen or keep restarting due to software issues.

Due to the very different nature of each kind of repair, we charge case by case, starting at 100 USD per service.
Notice there will be an additional 100 USD fee for product disinfection as required by the Chinese government.
Consider also shipping fees back and forth.

IMPORTANT: do not ship by Post, use private express couriers instead. Post may seem cheap but they will charge extra fees when passing customs and delivery time is far longer than other couriers, over a month in average. Do yourself a favor and select an express courier: by Post, item may be lost, and there won't be anything we can do about it.

Our team will charge you at the time of shipping back your item - meaning you won't be charged if we can't do it, we will just ask you to take care of the payment for shipping the item back and the product disinfection fee. We will use the same courier you used to ship to us whenever possible, otherwise we will agree with you on a suitable alternative before shipping.

Whether you are ready for shipping or just want to ask some info, please fill this form below so our team can get you a quote or arrange a repair ticket number so we won't miss your shipment!

IMPORTANT: please express clearly in the shipping bill your item is being sent to our address for repair, as a temporary export. We won't be able to get it if you mark it as sale or any other way, and it will have to be sent back at your own expense.