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McLaren MP4-12C 650S 570S 600LT 540C P1 MSE Carplay Add Carplay/HiCar/Android Auto Kit

McLaren MP4-12C 650S 570S 600LT 540C P1 MSE Carplay Add Carplay/HiCar/Android Auto Kit

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McLaren owners have been missing out on carplay/HiCar/Android Auto functions using the original IRIS display till now. All other solutions on the market required to install an aftermarket system with its own display, which is unconvenient to say the least.
My Supercar Expert developed the first solution on the market (January 2024) to activate carplay on IRIS display on 650S and 570S series of cars: MSE Carplay.

Tested also on MP4-12C (with IRIS 2) and P1.

Installation is not too complex, the most of the work is on getting to the original head unit and connecting wiring and our module, then plugging everything back into place. We recommend for DIYers to take pictures at every single step and arrange extra time to handle the work in the most correct way or refer to a professional installer.

You need to connect the module to the head unit only. 
Depending on the car model you will receive instructions for the appropriate installation after purchase.

The kit includes a electronic box which adds the carplay function and wiring that can be directly connected to your car's head unit.
Find more info about the solution on the video or ask our team!

Note: multi-touch is not supported (note: Apple does not allow this natively!)
Your phone will connect by bluetooth to the original IRIS system for audio input/output.
Video streaming will not be possible for security reasons.

Currently supports:
- Apple Carplay
- Huawei HiCar
- Android Auto

Warranty: 1 year

Brand Model Type Year Part no.
(P11) 2014-2017
McLaren 570S (P13) 2015-2021
McLaren 540C
(P13) 2015-2021
McLaren MP4-12C (P11) 2011-2014 requires IRIS 2!
McLaren P1 (P12) 2013-2015
McLaren 600LT (P13) 2018-2021
McLaren 675LT (P11) 2015-2017

For McLaren 720S, GT and newer models, this solution is not available yet.
MP4-12C solution works only with IRIS 2 interface. Older interface IRIS 1 will not work!
For those cars we can provide a kit including both carplay and IRIS 2 head unit + display. You can also source those two parts elsewhere and just install our regular MP4-12C carplay.

Before you order...

Check on the "Conditions" paragraph right above if any device is needed for coding or programming this product.

On your purchase, you will receive detailed instructions on how to install your new part.

Remember you can always contact us in advance for any info!

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