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MAGICMOTORSPORT MAGBench Mini solderless Flexible Tool for ECU electronic repair and programming

MAGICMOTORSPORT MAGBench Mini solderless Flexible Tool for ECU electronic repair and programming

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Compact, flexible, lightweight, universal and portable. MAGBench Mini is the complete solution for programming any kind of memory. Designed with patented top panel and two articulated arms.

Technical information:

- patented TOP panel in polycarbonate
- two articulated arms
- rotary system in brass and alloy
- Recommended for programming in Boot, BDM and Jtag modes

Multiple modes of use

 MagBench mini jig tool connections

Make stable connections to program in Boot, BDM and Jtag modes.
MAGBench Mini allows you to work on engine control units and automatic transmissions units, and also on any other electronic unit.

The top panel in polycarbonate and the probes supplied, guarantee precise and safe connections.

In addiction, by changing the tool installed on the second arm you'll be allowed, by rotating on its axis, to reach every corner of your workspace.

Furthermore, the terminal block is designed for those who need to program, power and measure, also in combination. The adjustable pin probes, designed ad hoc for the top panel, allow error-proof connections to work in total safety.

The innovative "click" system of the probes guarantees high protection of the electrical elements without the need to exert pressure

The most flexible jig you've ever seen

magbench mini portable jig tool

A versatile tool that adapts to all your needs. It can be clamped onto any support or surface. It can be taken anywhere, thanks to its light weight, and easily transported in the provided handy case.

It is possible to use MAGBench Mini in three working positions:
- programming mode: with the help of the probes
- welding mode: by installing additional tools
- measurement mode: using the terminal block

Nominee Innovation Awards 2022

MagBench mini innovation adwards

MAGBench Mini has been awarded in the category Workshop & Service Solutions at the Automechanika Innovation Awards by a international jury of experts.

More than 130 entries were judged on innovation content, solution excellence, functionality, aftermarket relevance, safety and quality, as well as contribution to environmental protection, resource conservation and sustainability;

MAGBench Mini product has been acknowledged as innovative and chameleon.


1 MAGBench Mini main tool
Alligator clips & Banana Plugs kit
5 Adjustable pogo pin probe
1 Tool case
User manual


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